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Music Rights Clearance licenses the rights and gets all the required authorizations to any song you are hoping to use in your production or ad campaign, at the best price and without delay. Based in Montreal, our team handles music licensing and manage agreements worldwide and can assist on any music licensing or research you may have. We are a one-stop shop for a quick turn around!

There’s no need to worry. We take care of everything.

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You are a producer, director, stage director or creator. You are looking to license music or find the best tracks to bring your images to life, capture attention and create emotion.

You need music expert assistance and advice above all else: we are here to help.

“With our 20 years of industry experience, we at Music Rights Clearance master the art of negotiating with music business players across North America to secure the best tracks for our clients. We know the best people to speak to in order to get things done. Since we maintain contact with the key players of one of the most complex part of the entertainment industry, we are able to license hundreds of songs per year by well known artists such as Van Morrison, Jay-Z, Sam Cooke, Taylor Swift and Guns & Roses to name a few. We deliver clear and fast solutions for your music needs. Just try us.

François Lachance

CEO and Founder, Music Rights Clearance

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Music Licensing

You want that perfect song, have no clue who to contact and you’re on a budget? We got you covered. You’ll get you a quote at the speed of sound and handle all the work here.

Consulting and contracts

Music rights can be complicated and you want to be sure you’re covering all the legal issues and risks. That’s exactly what we are here for. We work hard to make things easy for you. Music Rights Clearance will handle all the paperwork for you.

Music Industry

The music industry is changing fast. Not many people truly know how to find balance between balance trends, opportunities and reality. You need guidance. We know how it works. 

International network

Every day we’re in touch with publishers, managers, artists and record labels. We know them. But even more important: they know us.

Music research

You have a concept and a budget, but no music yet or some doubts on your track? That’s where we come in. We can help you by making hand-tailored music search and playlists to fit all that your production needs. 

Your dream track

You want to know if a song is available, at what cost, and if it would be the best fit. Call us. You’ll know in a couple of hours. Music supervision is also our thing. That simple.

“They took care of our music licensing needs faster than I have ever seen it done before. They truly worked miracles for us. In three hours, on American Thanksgiving, with an Aaron Neville track!” Jo-Ann Monro Creative Director, Marketel
“I collaborated with them for an express mission to license music for a multi-platform advertising production. They are quick, impeccable delivery makes it a valuable ally.” John V. Kennedy Independant producer
“Francois’ resourcefulness and connections combined with a passion for what he does have been critical in making the last 2 years of our SickKids campaigns a huge success.” Carlos Moreno and Peter Ignazi, Cossette Global Chief Creative Officers.

Access our portfolio to see the songs we have licensed for advertising, movies, television, video games, live events, web, radio, or corporate purposes.

Looking for a melody, a title, a jingle, somewhere in the vast musical universe? Are you searching for a particular song that will drive your creative ideas and stay within your budget? We can find it, but also, make you a suggestion. Whether you are a creative or a producer, contact us to take advantage of our ideas and our lists of titles and prices.

Available and affordable: this is us.