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We are a one-stop shop for a quick turn around. We clear rights to any established song you are hoping to obtain on your campaign, at the best price and without delay. We handle licensing and manage agreements worldwide.

There’s no need to worry. We take care of everything.

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You are a producer, director, or creator. You’re looking to license any specific song to bring your images to life, capture attention, and inspire emotion.

You want expert assistance above all else.

“With our 20 years of industry experience, we at Music Rights Clearance master the art of negotiating with music business players across North America to secure the best tracks for our clients. We know the best people to speak to in order to get things done. Since we maintain contact with the key players of one of the most complex areas of the entertainment industry, we were able to obtain licensing for hundreds of tracks by artists such as U2, The Arcade Fire, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift and Guns & Roses. We deliver superior results faster. Give us a call. We’d love to surprise you.”

François Lachance

CEO and Founder, Music Rights Clearance

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You need that perfect song for yesterday, and you’re on a budget. No problem! You’ll get your quote in a couple of hours.

Consulting and contracts

You want to be sure you’re covering all the legal issues and risks, with no surprises. We feel the same way. The good news is that our job is to make your life easier.

Activation and pricing

The music industry is changing fast. Not many people truly know how to find balance between balance trends, opportunities and reality. We know what we’re doing.

International network

Every day we’re in touch with publishers, managers, and record labels. We know them. But even more important: they know us.

Beyond trends

Imagine being able to get a hold of the next big hit that will take the world by storm, before everyone else, and at a better price. With our data and our network, it’s possible.

Your dream track

It’s simple. You want to know if a track is available, at what cost, and how soon (yesterday). Call us. You’ll know in a couple of hours. It’s what we do.

“They took care of our music licensing needs faster than I have ever seen it done before. They truly worked miracles for us. In three hours, on American Thanksgiving, with an Aaron Neville track!”

Jo-Ann Monro
Creative Director, Marketel

“I collaborated with them for an express mission to license music for a multi-platform advertising production. They are quick, impeccable delivery makes it a valuable ally.”

John V. Kennedy
Independant producer

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