Title: Blue Monday (re-record)
Agency: Rethink
Client: WestJet

What speaks more to an audience than a major classic? Here, Rethink and West Jet makes us reflect on how some airlines treat their clientele.

”The making of…  The ad was shot at an abandoned airport outside Madrid. A few real cows were used, but there’s a lot of great CGI here (see the making of video below). It’s also soundtracked by the New Order classic “Blue Monday.”

Why Blue Monday? “It was the lyrics,” said Yu. “‘How does it feel, to treat me like you do.’ The lyrics were perfect in terms of telling the story. But it didn’t feel too deep or too dark. That is not WestJet.””

Another great example of how finding the right track can bring your campaign to next level of greatness and coherence.

New WestJet campaign says there’s no bull when you fly with them



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