Stand By Me, Until We Hit The Road Again

  • Author : Vanessa Hauguel
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Music Rights Clearance team has very recently cleared the rights to a timeless song: Stand by Me, sung by Skylar Grey.
As this article ”Mazda Canada Commercial Song: Let the Roads Sleep” published on puts it well, Mazda joined the battle to invite everyone to stay home and flatten the curve in the midst of this coronavirus crisis. Here’s an excerpt that sums this campaign and the reasoning behind the choice of this timeless song ‘Stand By Me’ by Skylar Grey.

”The 15-second spot, entitled “Sleeping Roads,” delivers, through onscreen lines, the following message: “Let the roads sleep because when they wake we’ll have a lot of catching up to do”.

While the images feature deserted roads, Skylar Grey’s slow cover version of the iconic hit single “Stand By Me” plays in the background.

Mazda Canada declared its commitment to providing its customers with flexible solutions to help navigate this uncertain terrain together. Thus, it offers services through its dealership stores, which remained available but with reduced hours and service levels, a lease extension program, loan payment deferrals, and lease payment deferrals for existing qualified customers, and no monthly finance payments for 120 days plus the brand’s unlimited mileage warranty with every new Mazda purchased.”

“What got us really excited about this campaign was the opportunity to tap into this emerging trend,” says Ari Elkouby, executive creative director at Wunderman Thompson. “We hope that drivers across the country will relate to this uniquely Canadian insight and whenever they see a car covered up they’ll be reminded of the campaign and think – they should have gotten a Mazda.”