Licensing music rights can be a complicated and long process. At Music Rights Clearance, we deal with rights holders every day: publishers, managers, artists and record labels. More importantly, they know us. Let MRC's experts handle clearing the songs that you want, at the best rate and faster than the competition.


Finding a famous song is great, but let's find out if you can get the rights and at what price. Our team can provide you with a quick ballpark in just a few hours. Check our Licensing request form or get in touch to get a license at the speed of sound. That simple.


Finding the best music ever made, to fit your images. You have a concept and a budget, but no music yet or doubts on your track? That’s where we come in. We can help you by making hand-tailored music search to find the song to fit perfectly with your video or project, or a specific market.


Legal questions of licensing agreements can get in the way of your work and creativity. That's why we work hard: to make things easy for you. Music Rights Clearance handles all the paperwork and administrative work for you or your client.


Licensing a famous song or chorus will surely do the trick, but having a rearrangement with the voice of an artist that your audience loves, and to make it unique to your campaign could make it even better. That's where our studio-partners in Montreal, Los Angeles and Paris come in to create whatever track suits your creative dream.


Would you like to have a celebrity collaborate on your project? We're experts at negotiating with artists and high profile talents. Who could be the voice of your brand, make a rearrangement of a song or be the face of your campaign? Let us take care of it for you!