Music listening / Écouter de la musque

Good news: revenues generated by authors, composers, and publisher members of SOCAN keep growing year over year, shattering all records along the way! With an 8% increase in 2016, they reached the 330 million dollars, that’s more than a 1/3 of a billion! Of this total, artists and creators pocketed $ 285,000,000. It is pretty huge and very encouraging for the creators and those who make their works travel, we are very happy for them. It is also good for music fans all over the world who continue to consume even more music from here! That’s the good news!


According to figures provided by SOCAN, this is the largest amount distributed to creators ever. This is the case notably due to the increase in streaming revenues, up 460%, but that remains a tiny part of a whole, to 13 000 000 $. The likelihood of increase is still gigantic, in that area, as fans lend an ear through streaming services.
But SOCAN’s figures also highlight two trends that I have seen in my rights release activities over the past few years: international development and film royalties (and ad payouts of course). Last year, Canadian creators generated
  • Foreign royalties of nearly $ 66 million – an increase of 30 percent in just three years.

  •  A remarkable growth for composers of music in the image – an increase of at least 47 percent with more than $ 20 million collected for continuous streaming of films and television productions. (Source SOCAN)

Canadian creators have a special touch, whatever their style, which is more and more recognized and sought after, these figures are a further proof. Glad to be a part of it!