Music Rights Clearance launches a one-stop shop to help creative professionals and producers obtain musical rights faster and at a better rate. Free evaluation within 2 hours and rights released within 72 hours!

Toronto, July 7, Francois Lachance - MusicRightsClearance2016 – Today Music Rights Clearance launches, especially for advertising agencies, creative professionals, producers and directors, a on
e-stop shop for music rights clearance. With their unique positioning, the company can offer faster more affordable services in an industry that generates tens of millions of dollars in transactions in Canada alone.

Active in North America and around the world
Music Rights Clearance’s business model aims to answer the rise in demand of songs and music in the advertising, television, film, video game and web industries. “We seek to simplify a complex environment where access and price are often irregular. Our promise is to find quickly and free of charge the availability of tracks through our key music publishing players in North America, and then to deliver these tracks at the lowest possible rates”, explains founder, François Lachance.

Known for over 20 years as a Canadian leader in the music and entertainment industry, François Lachance collaborates with several agencies (Sid Lee, Ogilvy & Mather, Publicis, Alfred, Marketel, lg2, Cossette), to the benefit of multiple national and international brands (McDonald’s, Air Canada, Aldo, Rogers, Ultramar, Familiprix, Aubainerie and many more). He has a notable roster of agreements with artists, including Arcade Fire (My body is a cage, Ubisoft), Jay-Z (Coming Home, Heart and Stroke Foundation) and U2 (Beautiful day, Amnesty International).

As a new division of Prime Time Entertainment, Music Rights Clearance hopes to provide industry players a simple, quick and accessible research and rights clearance portal. “Our network operates 40% in Canada, 50% in the United States and 10% in the rest of the world”, says François Lachance. Him and his team are in constant relations with New York, Toronto, Los Angeles and London to negotiate often highly complex agreements. “I say this in all modesty: we deliver results where others hit a wall”, François confirms.

Active on the international conference scene, as a participant or speaker, François Lachance adds: “A song is first and foremost an emotion. Listening platforms evolve, but music is a constant in our lives. At Music Rights Clearance, we want to democratize the access to memorable songs and broaden the possibilities for creative professionals who have better things to do than to be consulting partially accurate databases or settling for a plan b. We give our clients access to their dream tracks at affordable prices, negotiated directly with decision-makers. This way, clients can bypass the middlemen and the unwanted legal surprises.”

About Music Rights Clearance
A division of Prime Time Entertainment, Music Rights Clearance provides Canadian creators and producers evolving in the advertising and entertainment sectors a singular portal for music rights clearance with fast, affordable, hassle-free solutions. Music Rights Clearance activities spread over Toronto, Montréal, Los Angeles, New York and London.


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